First, a confession. I love a nice graph.

I can happily spend an hour contemplating website analytics in the same way people can lose themselves in great art. I’ll post another time about how happy Google Analytics’ new real-time capabilities makes me!

But today it struck me that the world of the web can happily accommodate both the aesthetic and the statistical. Not even side by side, I mean as one and the same entity.

Today I came across a JavaScript library of very cute tools that allow you to create animated vector charts and graphs, just the thing to turn a dry subject into an engaging, interactive page that helps communicate information in a way that’s memorable. Check out the couple of examples below:

Click through the months to see the data change

This one is draggable, move any of the points around as you wish

These are iPad friendly, easy to implement by a skilled developer and are a great aid to storytelling on the web. So next time someone suggests burying your sales growth data or predicted expansion forecast inside a pdf and burying it deep in the far recesses of your website, just remember it doesn’t have to be that way, this information can be front and centre and hook people into your successes!

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