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Welcome to the Sufu Marketing News

Welcome to the Sufu Marketing News blog.

Phew! What a week its been.  Sufu Marketing Services has now gone live!  In between working with my first clients I’ve been building the  website and I’m so pleased to say its now ready.

Its been quite an experience building my own website, its not been without help, but much like many a project you learn most quickly by doing.  So I’ve been learning about FTP management, doing a little desktop publishing with some of the images, writing copy about our services (and THAT was a challenge!  Writing copy about yourself and your own services seems to take twice as long as doing it for clients) and enjoying every new experience.  Anyway, I’m glad to say the website is now here, I’m very proud of it and I really do hope you like it but please do let us have any feedback or suggestions.

PS: Look out for the photos on the site.  I’m using images I took of the flowers gifted to me by the GradWeb gang.


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