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Google Analytics Product Update

Measure the value of social media with Google Analytics 
new set of Social reports help you measure the impact of your social marketing initiatives and evaluate the effect social media has on your Goals and Ecommerce activities. The 4 new reports aggregate key data points to help you see the complete picture of how social marketing and media affect your business. You’ll find the Social Value OverviewSocial SourcesSocial Plugins, and Conversion Reports in the Traffic Sources section of your account. Learn More 


Export and share reports 
Exporting and sharing reports is now possible in the new version of Google Analytics. From the Export tab, download or email any report directly from your account. You even have the option to automate sharing. Set up your account to email reports daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Learn More

We also added a share button to Custom Dashboards, Reports, and Advanced Segments. The share button creates a link to the custom template you created, and not your actual account data. When someone clicks this link, they’ll land in their own Analytics account and see the custom schema you created populated with their own data. Learn more

Track paths from one event to the next
Welcome the Events Flow Report to the Flow Visualisation family! If you’re already tracking content like videos, downloads, and embedded gadgets as Events, use this report to see the order in which visitors trigger Events and the popular paths taken from one Event to the next. We’ve also added the Date Comparison feature to all Flow reports, so you can see at a glance how visitor engagement changes over time. Try it out in any of these reports: Visitor FlowGoal Flow, and the new Events FlowLearn more

Make your marketing accountable with digital marketing attribution
The Attribution Modeling tool lets you assign credit across your whole digital marketing campaign — so you can set values for all of the elements that led to online sales and other business goals. By building and comparing customised attribution models, you can determine the impact of different channels, referral sources, campaigns, and keywords. Learn more about using attribution to improve your marketing in the Attribution Playbook, or check out industry trends in the Attribution Whitepaper.

Case Studies:

Shoes of Prey sell more Shoes with Multi-Channel Funnels.
This online retailer increased their conversion rate by 40% and same day purchase by 20%. They used the Top Conversion Paths report to learn the steps that a user takes to make a purchase, and were able to reduce this so visitors could make a purchase more easily. Learn More

Adviso and Technologia use Multi-Channel Funnels to discover the true paths to conversion.
Using Multi-Channel Funnels, this Canadian business training firm learned that AdWords touched 57% more revenue than they had realised based on the “last-click” credit model. They increased their search ad budget by 100%, and saw conversions increase 120%. Learn More

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) Masters the Art of Metrics.
After installing Google Analytics and using Event Tracking for audio/video content SFMOMA could clearly see what content users liked best. Then they were able to make improvements to their website based on these insights to keep users coming back. Learn More 

The Google Analytics Team

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