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Seizing the moment – the benefits of online advertising

We’ve just put the finishing touches to a new online advertising campaign using the Google Display Network. One that’s targeted, relevant, uses a great set of striking animated ad creative and will reach tens of thousands of people. Sounds grand doesn’t it? Must have taken ages and cost a fortune.

Actually no, it took me one day and my media spend is a couple of hundred quid. If I need to top that up I can, but I’ll be able to judge the ROI before making any commitment. Here’s an example of one of the ads that’s running

Is this a magic solution to boosting anyone’s sales? No of course not, but it does have some great benefits if it’s well planned and executed. The measurability I mentioned above is certainly a big plus but right now the one I’m most happy about is speed of implementation. It’s a campaign to promote gift vouchers for photography workshops that make a great unusual Christmas present. Having only taken a decision to run the campaign in late November the chance of producing an effective print campaign just wouldn’t have worked, by the time it was in a photography magazine on the shelves it would be nearer Valentine’s Day than Christmas Day, but this way the message is in front of its audience in no time at all.

If you’ve got a key event, a seasonal promotion or any other kind of key promotional opportunity why not talk to us about helping you produce great campaigns and boosting your sales.

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