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Creating feature-rich websites at low cost

The internet these days is becoming as much about entertainment as it is information. That’s not to say websites should be frivolous or place style over content, far from it.

But as our browsing tastes become more sophisticated and our understanding of navigating the online world more mature, we expect more of an experience online.

What would you rather browse? 20 pages of text with the odd image or a site where the text was complemented by attractive image galleries, watching videos, scrolling around a map, seeing what was being shared on Twitter and generally entering the world of this particular subject in an immersive fashion?

We launched this week to promote the services of one of the country’s most experienced tour leaders. It’s an incredibly simple site, just 4 pages. But we think it achieves it’s aim of making people want to visit The Gambia and engage these services far more than some other, bigger, duller sites. The homepage provides a concise introduction with SEO-optimised text and is complemented by an embedded YouTube video that we also created that brings the colour and flavour of the experience home right from the off.

The birdlife of the area gets its own image gallery and we’ve used a custom Google map to highlight the key factor that not only are there many superb places to visit, but they’re all so close together. The map provides the visual evidence of this and makes the fact so much more compelling. A clear FAQ and contact page completes the information that people would want to know at this stage and enables them to start a dialogue.

By using the open-source WordPress CMS and taking advantage of the wealth of great plugins that are available we created this website in one day. ONE DAY!

So don’t believe that interesting ideas can only be communicated at great cost. We’re experts in telling great online stories and bringing them to life effectively and efficiently. Website design and build starts from as little as £350 so if you need an online presence with real presence then get in touch we’d be very happy to see if we could help.

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