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Bank Holidays? Pish! not for the small business owner

So, it’s the end of a long weekend, Saturday and Sunday (Easter no less) sandwiched between two glorious public holidays – how often does that happen?  As the weekend draws to a close I find myself wondering how many of us small business owners have actually used this four day break for real down-time?

Well I must confess I was only 75% there having used one of those days to catch-up on a client project.

Is this terrible to admit? Or is just the reality of running a small business?

Whenever we book time away the work planning begins early, sometimes a month or two out. First, I begin casually mentioning to clients how I’ve booked a holiday. Then I begin making it more official by adding it to the bottom of my emails or sometimes using it to encourage projects be sped up or put back. Finally I get more formal, notifying people I will be out of the business for X period of time and turning on the Out of Office. Throughout I usually cuddle these messages with the assurance “well there’s not really such a thing as a marketing emergency”. The work I do is so planned I find I can with proper notice get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet – i.e. the project schedule!

All this planning of course is all done with good intentions, the Out of Office is on and I’m away, safari, city break or sandy beach – I am unreachable. Or am I? Wi-fi is now something that becomes a list of requirements when searching out holidays, we must remain connected to the outside world!

I admit to checking my emails whilst enjoying a rum and lemonade on our veranda on honeymoon in Mauritius, I admit to checking on the coming and going of invoices and payments whilst watching Ellie enjoy an icecream in Morocco and it was I going to breakfast in the Safari Lodge in South Africa with tablet and phone in tow. But in my head I believe I’ve now got this down to a fine art whereby I CHECK, just to make sure the wheels haven’t fallen off anything since I’ve been gone but I don’t DO (much).

Will I ever be away, unfettered by the daily emails and requests of Sufu Marketing? No I don’t think so. And I don’t mind that, this is my business I want for it to succeed and I succeed by my clients succeeding and that’s achieved with good client relationships. And Sufu has those, my clients remain respectful when you pull down that blind to say it’s holiday time.

You may be ‘away’ but you’re never really that far ‘away’ when it’s your own business.


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