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The power of words in marketing

Companies spend a lot of time thinking about their brand. They think about their website, business cards, logo and imagery. They think about their tagline, social media presence and colour scheme. So why does the hard work and investment stop when it comes to the words they use to market their business?

It’s a strange phenomenon. People with no skill or training are expected to do ‘a bit of marketing’ as part of their job. Yes, everyone can write. But not everyone can write well enough to persuade the reader to buy a product, or influence their beliefs. A good writer knows how to trigger an emotional response from the reader; a good writer knows how to engage; a good writer knows how to sell.

Potential clients can learn a lot from a company’s language and tone of voice. They get a better understanding of the business and its objectives, and a sense of its industry knowledge and expertise. They might get a sense of the personality behind the brand. All of this contributes to them deciding whether they would like to do business with that company.

Clear writing means clear thinking

Writing that is littered with spelling and grammar mistakes, or dull writing, speaks volumes. It says a lot about reliability, attention to detail and work ethic. Why would a potential client choose a company that can’t even be bothered to get it right?

Knowing how to use words to their full potential goes beyond communicating effectively. It’s a skill that can win business and place companies way ahead of the rest.


Guest Blog from Rebecca Perl. Rebecca is the Director of Messagelab Communications, a Bournemouth-based business writing agency.

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