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It’s vital to any business that your marketing communications speak in your own authentic voice. It also helps if it’s an engaging voice!

Many brands have brand guidelines that ensure visual consistency – of colour, logo, font, imagery etc. What they don’t do is extend that into content and tone. This creates a disconnect between the polish of the visuals and the words contained in web pages, brochures or advertising. Even into video content, in-person networking and other forms of marketing that rely on speech rather than the written word.

It’s also important to ensure your content is understandable and relatable. You need to be true to your brand in what you say and how you say it, but also ensure your audience can see themselves reflected in the brand to make a connection. There is no point having a voice that people don’t like to listen to.

Sufu has a proven process for developing content brand guidlines, usually involving:

  • A bespoke brand questionnaire to help you think about your brand from a fresh perspective
  • A brand content workshop to shake out any inconsistencies and old thinking and consider your audience’s needs
  • A brand content guidelines document which can be added to your visual guidelines to make a comprehensive brand manual and inform the work of anyone, internally or externally, who writes any sort of copy or speaks in public for the brand.

Let's make sure your brand voice is authentic and compelling!

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