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We approach brand content strategy by helping our clients to see their messaging from two perspectives:

  1. The customer’s point of view
  2. What can actually work within a realistic marketing plan

Too often, businesses start planning marketing content with “what I want to say” rather than “what does someone need to hear”. They also pick types of content by what they like creating, rather than what will actually work to convince a customer.

For example, does your customer need to read 400 word blog posts to buy your product? Or are you just writing them because you can? It takes around 90 seconds for the average reader to take in 400 words. Might a well-scripted 30 second video get to the point faster and drive more sales as a result?

Once appropriate tactics have been agreed, the second element is the brand voice (similar to the character development of a novel). Think of it like this. You meet someone at a party, what makes you warm to them? That they tell you a great joke, give you a great piece of advice… or launch into their entire life story?

Before you start creating content you have to figure out what kind of story you’re trying to tell and pick the means by which that story can be conveyed effectively. That also informs what type of content to produce, how your audience will find it and what they are going to do with it that achieves your objectives.

Ultimately content strategy comes down to being 3 things: Findable, understandable and actionable

At Sufu we help you unscramble how you tell your story, stop you thinking in a boring, “life story” fashion and give you a strategy which illuminates what’s great about you.

A story good enough to be a bestseller helps you make the best sales!

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