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Good direct marketing is a powerful tool to reach your audience directly, communicating straight to the end-user be that business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C) and developing a direct marketing campaign that adds value and is not perceived by the recipient to be junk mail is an art.

We’re not designers. We’re not printers. So why ‘design and print’? Managing the production of marketing material or a direct marketing campaign is so much more than sending out some leaflets, a newsletter or brochure and hoping for the best. Sufu Marketing will work with you to write copy, design the format, co-ordinate with designers and print houses, define a measurable call to action, and monitor and report on the outcome.

And this all comes with advice and experienced gained from a range of experiences with direct mail. Direct marketing is effective for businesses of all sizes – from the smallest start-up to the leaders on the Fortune 500. A well-executed direct advertising campaign can offer a positive return on investment as the message is not hidden with overcomplicated branding. Instead, direct advertising is straight to the point; offers a product, service, or event; and explains its rationale and benefits succinctly.

Let's bring your ideas to life with some beautiful creativity!

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