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Photography, video and audio can create an emotional connection between you and your audience in ways words cannot. It’s where you demonstrate the emotion in your brand and connect with customers at a subliminal level. Get it right and people can feel powerfully drawn to you very quickly.

Humans are visually-driven animals and a lot of our decision-making (especially the impulsive type) is driven by visual excitement. Compelling, engaging images and video are therefore powerful tools in both digital and real-world situations.

Constantly developing and improving visual content is key to achieving a number of things that most businesses want to do at some point:

  • Launch new products or services
  • Be valued more by existing customers
  • Gain advantage over competitors
  • Or just put your prices up a bit!

We believe the quality of the visuals in your marketing have a direct correlation to how much people are prepared to pay for your product or service.

Sufu have undertaken photography assignments for a number of our clients, covering people, places and products. Below are a small selection of images from those shoots. Sufu can also manage video projects for our clients. We work with a number of superb freelance crews and provide our own services in logistics, management and scripting.

Let's bring an emotional connection to your brand through amazing imagery and video!

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