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Sufu Marketing are specialists in managing recruitment advertising campaigns. We’ve handled attraction campaigns for every type of role, from graduates to experienced hires for some of the UK’s biggest corporates.

Our success comes from this long experience, meaning we can plan precisely and creatively, whether your roles require digital, face-to-face or event-based elements. We’ll help you understand and select the right mix of advertising channels.

To hire effectively in the modern marketplace it’s vital to be able to to harness the power of online job boards, LinkedIn and other internet resources particular to your industry. The success of these tools has revolutionised recruitment in the last 5 years and mean that you can market yourself to candidates effectively in the same way you do for customers. This often avoids the need to pay expensive agency fees to traditional recruiters and puts you in the driving seat.

Sufu Marketing can help you understand and leverage these new channels and run a comprehensive and efficient recruitment advertising campaign from start to finish. This includes careful management of the candidate pipeline and budgets you’re spending on attraction, as with any kind of online advertising, it’s very easy to pour money into the channel but just as easy to waste it allowing an ineffective campaign to run unchecked. Our detailed management and reporting service ensures you get the best possible return on your investment.

Let's create a targeted, efficient and effective recruitment campaign together!

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