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Social media platforms, at their best, are places where positive conversations happen.

Conversation being the key word. The clue is in the name, these places are for being genuinely social, engaging and interacting with your audience. Not publishing, not broadcasting, not shouting into the digital echo chamber without caring what comes back.

Most businesses are using a number of social channels. But in truth most are doing so ineffectively. Like any other form of marketing, your social presence needs a purpose, a plan and a way of measuring its success. At Sufu that is the fundamental ethic behind our approach, that social communication needs to positively effect your business growth, not just be a brand “puff piece”.

The chief benefit of social media is in keeping your brand top of mind with customers and prospects far most cost-effectively than by ongoing paid advertising. But it does require you to have a compelling narrative about your brand, your product or service and how you go about delivering it.

At Sufu, we’re experts in translating what you might think mundane into engaging, shareable content about you.

In order for social media marketing to be worthwhile it’s success must be determined, demonstrated and reported on. Just providing you with number of “likes” per month does not cut it. We can help you understand the real influence that social messages have on customer buying trends and positively influence growth in sales and order values.

Let's make your social presence more than a brand puff piece!

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