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What do they do? Cocktail Hour recreate of the atmosphere of your favourite cocktail bar at home via products which combine classic pre-mixed cocktails with indulgents snacks.

What did they need? Cocktail Hour came to us looking to improve their website sales conversion. They are a relatively young brand, with a great product idea for people to enjoy a treat at home during the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic. They had a genuine USP, but the initial iteration of their website wasn’t quite getting this across to visitors as well as it could. Cocktail Hour knew there was more potential in the product, it just needed to be explained more clearly so people had a positive feeling about the experience the product could provide.

What did we do? Sufu Marketing undertook a brand audit, to get everyone focused on what the core brand concept was. Fundamentally this was about recognising the brand essence was about spending time, the hour in the name, not just about the product itself. With that essence clear and also having identified a number of key messaging hooks, we then undertook re-writing all the website’s product page content. Cocktail Hour also commissioned new product photography, and re-designed the website page layouts with that content in mind. This has transformed the entire feel of their offering, getting customers excited about the product and really feeling how they can enjoy the experience the brand is designed to deliver.

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