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What do they do? Education Business Partnership (EBP) are a not-for-profit organisation who create opportunities for young people to prepare for and learn about the world of work. They do this by working with schools and businesses to create volunteering and work experience opportunities, as well as running sponsored programmes on work-related skills.

What did they need? EBP needed a marketing agency who could help them review their communications strategy and develop a new website to help them showcase their offering more effectively.

What did we do? The immediate priority for EBP was to get two key pieces of marketing collateral in place, a new brochure and website, so these were developed alongside each other to achieve consistency of content and design. The website was planned in conjunction with the EBP team to ensure it accurately reflected all service areas, with Sufu Marketing running a workshop to develop the site architecture. This proved to be very worthwhile, since launch in March 2018 the new site has seen a huge improvement in audience engagement with a 50% increase in pageviews and and a 107% increase in the time visitors spend on site.

We’re now working with EBP to improve their channel marketing, by developing a new communications plan covering email campaigns, social media engagement and further website content

You can find out more about EBP by visiting their new site.

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