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What do they do? Muircroft Housing Association is a not-for-proft social landlord providing sheltered housing to rent for over 60s in the Southampton area.

What did they need? Their story telling properly! When we were introduced to Muircroft their website had only basic content, little by way of imagery and hadn’t been conceived with the audience in mind. Prospective tenants would naturally have a lot of questions about what living at MuirCroft was like and how the process of applying worked. So we set out to tell this story in an understandable and engaging way.

What did we do? Sufu developed a new website for MuirCroft as we really needed to start from scratch. So an entire new sitemap was developed, with fresh copywriting throughout and we undertook a day of photography covering both MuirCroft sites to produce a new set of images that showed the places themselves and the life of tenants. The site itself isn’t complicated, it didn’t need to be, just clean, mobile-friendly and updateable via a CMS (WordPress). The bulk of the budget was spent on what matters, the content, with research, writing and photography to bring MuirCroft to life for an online audience.

You can find out more about MuirCroft Housing Association by visiting their website here.

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