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What do they do? Make the best damn brownies you’ve ever tasted and sell them via their website and at events!

What did they need? The Homemade Brownie Company have made amazing strides in their business over the last few years and have arrived at the point where they have established a fanbase and get consistent footfall to their website. But the website experience and conversion rate had never been reviewed to see where improvements could be made.

What did we do? Sufu Marketing undertook a content review of the main website user journeys for an e-commerce purchase and were able to establish a number of theoretical improvements to both page and navigational content and structure. Rather than just tell THBC to make these changes and guess, we recommended  they first work with their web agency to develop a an analytics dashboard to provide proof of the areas of strength and weakness and prioritise changes accordingly. This will transform their approach to website content and improvements as they can now see where to focus their efforts for future content.


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