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velotude-logoWhat do they do? Velotude provides premium point to point, high altitude, road cycling tours in Europe.

What did they need? Velotude were looking for some additional capacity to help manage their social media and e-mail campaigns.

What did we do? After an initial period of review we designed a messaging matrix determining which social media platforms to use, the frequency and message type.

Researching and crafting new material for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram as well as creating and managing a number of email campaigns through Mailchimp. All of this was supported by a weekly report, analysing data and making recommendations for continual tweaks and changes to enhance the campaign.

In the first three months we helped to grow the Velotude social network by over 800% and ignite a number of enquiries from their mailing database.

We came to Su and the team looking for expertise on how to build a social media presence and to grow our followers. They have made every step of the journey easy and stress free – we’ve grown exponentially and the results speak for themselves!

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