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What do they do? Zone 2 Electrical are an electrical contracting company for businesses and homeowners based in Bournemouth.

What did they need? A website which properly reflected their brand and communicated their services effectively. Zone 2’s old website described their services but didn’t take into account the needs of different audiences so it wasn’t clear what they offered to homeowners and business respectively. There was also no clear evidence of  the quality of their work by way of case studies or testimonials.

What did we do? Sufu Marketing developed a new website architecture with audience-specific areas that were more meaningful to different types of clients, making it clear to domestic or business users how Zone 2 could help them. We then created a new website using the WordPress content management system to give Zone 2 control over updating content and adding new case studies at any time. A new portfolio section was added to the site, which was designed to be primarily image-led as pictures gave the user a far better idea of the project than a long text description.

You can find out more about Zone 2 Electrical by visiting their website here.

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